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Mail Tribune 100

May 12, 1917


A number of Medford people are mourning the departure of F. J. McCarthy, who posed as a capitalist from San Francisco, also as being connected with the federal secret service, also as being a representative of a collection agency, also as hailing from diverse other places and having diverse other occupations, but who is declared by his victims to be a confidence man and a smooth one at that. Among his victims is J. L. Wyland of the Meadows, who mourns the loss of $300, and Ray Toft, who advanced him some $125, but recovered the greater part of it after administering McCarthy a sound threshing. According to the district attorney of Klamath county, a number of people were victimized in central Oregon by Mr. McCarthy, who is supposed to be now practicing his gentle occupation at Grants Pass.

McCarthy arrived from Klamath Falls some weeks ago, registered at the Medford hotel, and posed as a capitalist seeking ranch property. A day or two alter, the sheriff of Klamath county arrived with a warrant for McCarthy's arrest for beating his hotel bill at Klamath Falls. Accompanied by the sheriff, he visited Ray Toft and told him a hard luck story, how the money had been wired for from San Francisco and would be received that night. Mr. Toft in the goodness of his heart, finally advanced $100 with which McCarthy paid his Klamath hotel debts, and was released from the sheriff's custody. Since then, Mr. Toft alleges, by cock and bull stories, McCarthy secured about $25 additional in driblets.

Among the ranch properites shown McCarthy by realty dealers was the Tony Oleson farm of 320 acres in the Meadows district. The property had been in litigation and the owners were anxious to sell. McCarthy made a contract to purchase with the Gold Hill bank as agent, agreeing to buy the property upon delivery of satisfactory abstract, the deed be placed in escrow and delivered upon payment of a promissory note given by McCarthy, who employed a prominent attorney to inspect the abstract, whose name he gave in reference of standing.