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Mail Tribune 100

May 15, 1917


W. C. Peck, who had been confined in the county jail here for about three months on a larceny charge, broke jail here Sunday night and has apparently made a clean getaway. The escape was made by digging a hole through a 16-inch brick wall. There is ample evidence that someone on the outside worked on the wall and helped the escaped prisoner make the departure. Sheriff Lewis is covering all roads leading from the city with telephone descriptions of the man, but as yet no clue to his whereabouts or as to who his helpers were has been discovered.

Peck is charged with stealing several valuable copper pates from the Gunnel mine near Leland. After the theft he fled to British Columbia. The Canadian authorities preemptively chucked him back across the line, and he was arrested by Washington authorities and returned here. His trial was set for April term of court, but on a representation that he had an important witness who could not be found at that time, secured continuance till the September term, which he was awaiting when he made his getaway. He is married and has two children. He has lived here about a year.


The seventh grade of the Central Point schools won first place in the Jackson county writing contest, which has been in progress during the greater part of the present school year. Miss Lillian Pierce, teacher of this grade, able assisted by Miss Albine, both expert Palmer penmanship teachers, have brought this class up to a high degree of proficiency in writing during the present year. In this class of twenty-three, seventeen were considered among a possible two hundred expert contestants from the entire county outside of schools of the first class.

Pinehurst school district 80 won second place. Miss Katherine Dooling who teachers the school has labored diligently with her pupils and is therefore entitled to credit with the children for her labors.

Oak Grove school, district 69, just west of Medford won third place. Miss Laura Couch has charge of the pupils in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 of this school and coached her boys and girls in an admirable way.