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Mail Tribune 100

May 18, 1917


A very pleasant lunch was served in the Ashland pavilion yesterday noon by the ladies of Medford and Ashland for the visiting delegation to the tri-state good roads association: J. A. Westerlund, president of the association; George F. Cotterill, State Highway engineer, of Washington; Herbert Nunn, State Highway engineer of Oregon; and Mrs. Swinney Braden, secretary of the Polk County good roads association.

Mr. Carter really was particularly enthusiastic over the development of the mineral Springs and Ashland and declared the day certain to prove one of the most valuable resources of Southern Oregon. He complimented the public spirited people of Ashland for their energy and progressive methods, and advised in the expense of advertising campaign throughout this country and Pacific coast.

State Highway engineer Nunn drove over the Pacific highway to the summit and was most enthusiastic over the road. "You have here," he said, "one of the finest scenic drives in the state; and the road, considering the weather, is in excellent condition. No permanent highway in the state can approach the splendid Mountain Boulevard, with the exception of the Columbia highway, and I believe the construction of your road is equal, if not superior, to that. We will start work the latter part of this month. I'm completing the road to the California line; and also will assist in the completion of the Ashland hill. When the work is done southern Oregon will have a thorough fare which will be a source of pride to every citizen in the state."

Mrs. Braden explain the importance of women working for the $6 million good road bonds and suggested that the women's clubs organize a campaign in the school houses of the country districts. Show the people what the good road bonds really mean, she said, and it will be endorsed by an overwhelming majority.