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Mail Tribune 100

May 19, 1917


In striking contrast to the dillydallying and bickering of Congress, prompt action of the war department stands out and marked comparison in the manner in which orders begin flying out over the wires in a few minutes after the president had signed the army conscription measure. Yesterday within an hour or two orders have been received in Medford to immediately proceed to recruit the Seventh Company to full strength in anticipation of the call to the colors on July 15, on which date all coast artillery troops are to be mobilized.

At the conscription, provisions of the army bill are to be carried into effect on June 5, and this month in the National Guard organizations will be greatly stimulated. For many reasons enlistment in a national guard organization is to be desired owing to probability of advancement and receiving commissions in the army to be conscripted. It has been announced by the war department that 10,000 officers and noncommissioned officers will be selected from regulars and National Guard organizations for assignment to the new army to be formed under the selective draft system in September. This will open up opportunities that will be available to those qualified for commissions and who were not eligible or did not get a place in the officers training camps already established.

Captain Van states that about 35 enlistments can be received in the Seventh Company before the maximum of 150 is reached. It is expected that this number will apply for a place in the company within the next few days, after which no further in the springs can be excepted. Opportunity for advancement in the seventh company is still open to the new investments, as it is not intended to make the appointments of sergeants and corporels until the number of 150 is reached, after which the selection will be made from those being qualified for those places.