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Mail Tribune 100

May 21, 1917


Most of the Newton apples on the floor of the valley have reached the proper stage for the calyx spray. This application should be made within a week after the petals have fallen. Spring may have started when 90 per cent of the petals are off and should be completed within the week following. This is a very important application and should be done thoroughly. The principal object of the applications is to fill the calyx cup with arsenic of lead before it closes. And districts where such is prevalent it is advisable to combine the arsenic of the lead with lime sulfur. Due to the fact that many growers do not make an application in the pink stage with lime and sulfur, it is important that this application be made at this time.

For apples, use lime sulfur, 1 gallon, 240 gallons of water, arsenic of lead base to 50 gallons, or arsenic of lead powder to 250 gallons.

The orchards that have been bothered with scab should also be sprayed at this time, but arsenic of lead will probably not be needed on all orchards. However some injuries are being reported in various districts from leaf eating insects such as flea beetles, click beettles, larvae, etc. Where such insects are working it would be wise to add your arsenic in the lead in combination with lime and salt. For repairs use lime sulfur 1 to 50, and arsenic of lead 2 to 50, or arsenic powder, 1 to 50. Some new infections of scab have been found in different sections during the past week, and the cloudy and rainy weather is going to serve to scab developments. Those who expect uses of special oil emulsion combinations, confer with the county pathologist.