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Mail Tribune 100

May 23, 1917


An unknown party of Medford tourists Friday night had a narrow escape from death at Garden Valley, when the Hupmobile in which they were traveling turned turtle while running at a high rate of speed. The car was purchased in Portland and the party, composed of two men and two women, were traveling to their homes at Medford and strayed from the highway at the Garden Valley crossing.

They were speeding along at a high rate, when the machine evidently skidded and turned completely over, the lives of the occupants being saved by the top which had been raised. The top was complete demolished while the windshield, fenders and lights were bent and broken. The service car at the Roseburg garage was called and the broken machine and party brought to Roseburg in time for the tourists to take the 3 o'clock train to their homes.


Six true bills and two not true bills were returned yesterday afternoon by the grand jury for the spring term of court. The true bills were against Irving Oehler alias E. Cavendore, securing property under false pretense, John Doe, land conveyance without proper title, Lloyd Parker for larceny from a dwelling, W. E. Collins and Sam Slide, Phoenix Post Office robbery, John Doe, statutory charge, and Mrs. M. M. Garwood, Mrs. Nan L. Strickfadden and Mrs. L. Dryfoos, arson.

The two "not true" bills were against Mrs. Nan Oehler for forgery and Jesse Hopkins of Ashland charged with attempt to defraud the Ashland gas company.

Lloyd Parker was arraigned yesterday and his indictment being changed to petty larceny he plead guilty and was given a sentence of 30 days in jail. W. E. Collins and Sam Slide were arraigned and will plead Thursday. They are represented by E. E. Kelly.

Mrs. Garwood, Mrs. Strickfadden and Mrs. Dryfoos were arraigned and will plead Thursday. They are represented by Attorney Gus Newberry.