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Mail Tribune 100

May 26, 1917


In Justice Taylor's court this afternoon F. Wallace Sears, editor of the Gold Hill News, and Grace E. Sears, his wife, are being given a hearing on a charge of subornation of perjury in connection with their testimony given in a case before the recent grand jury. County Prosecutor Roberts is representing the state at the hearing and Attorneys Borden and Canady are representing Mr. and Mrs. Sears.


Thomas Swem, of New York City, who is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Swem, has just competed an engagement with the Balboa Producing company at Long Beach, Calif., as technical director in the production of the greatest serial ever presented to the public, starring Kitty Clifford. In the film world the technical director is responsible for all stage settings from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Mr. Swem is a designer of interior furnishings and decorating, besides having had an extended practical experience on the legitimate stage as actor and manger.


W. H. Stewart of Los Angeles, president of the Stewart Fruit company, a former well known fruit dealer of the old type, made Medford and the Rogue river valley a short visit this week.

This was Mr. Stewart's first visit to the valley for several years and he was greatly surprised with the development of the fruit industry for the past five years, and he found many "land mark" orchards as well as large number of old time friends on his short visit.

He said that the Rogue river valley was looked upon by the fruit buyer of the east as the producer of the best fruit of the Pacific coast. He also remarked that he was well pleased with the support he is receiving from the growers of this section.