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Mail Tribune 100

May 26, 1917, continued

Editor’s note: There was no May 27, 1917, paper.


A rousing good roads meeting was held at Talent last night, John H. Carkin presiding. Speakers were W. H. Gore, Mrs. C. L. Scheiffelin, Mrs. Jap Andrews, Prof. F. C. Reimer, N. O. Powers, C. Holdridge, J. A. Weserlund and Geo E. Boos.

A committee compsed of Prof. F. C. Reimer, L. Brown, J. Fuller, H. W. Frame, C. Holdridge, N. O. Powers, and H. Gleim, was appointed to advertise the coming election to be held at the Talent schoolhouse.

Much enthusiasm was displayed by those present who said they would personally see to it that a large representation of Talent voters would be present at the next meeting and that the same would be well advertised in the meantime. Those present expressed themseves as being heartily in favor of the good roads measure and pledged their unstinted support of it. The good roads speakers are, therefore, expecting to see a large represnetation of Talent people at the next meeting and have promised some well prepared speeches at that time. All questions asked by the people will be fully answered.


The graduation exercises of Sacred Heart hospital were witnessed by a large and appreciative audience Tuesday evening. Miss Hilscher who was the only graduate for the year is recognized as one of the most efficient and promising graduates of the hospital. She has endeared herself through her work and personality to a large number of friends and was favored by a great profusion of beautiful flowers.

The hall was beautifully decorated with white and blue lilacs, by the ever faithful devotion of the sisters of the hospital, whose work is becoming more indispensable to the community every year.