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Mail Tribune 100

May 30, 1917


The man who knocked Private Adam Garren of Company I Third Oregon Infantry, from a bridge at Graves creek last week causing a compound fracture of both legs above the knee, is under arrest and is being held at the Medford police station. He was captured by Sheriff Ralph Jennings early Wednesday morning at Steinman station house in the Siskiyous.

The prisoner who is a tramp and is described by Sheriff Jennings as a degenerate refuses to give any name or talk about himself beyond denying that he was ever at Graves creek or was guilty of shoving Garren off the bridge.

Sheriff Jennings took the prisoner to the Sacred Heart hospital Wednesday noon where Garren without hesitation positively identified him as the man who had thrown him from the bridge.

Sheriff Jennings and Acting Chief of Police Crawford, in the absence of Captain Todd of Company I from the city today, are puzzled as to what charge to place against the prisoner, as the crime was committeed in another county. The sheriff who took the man prisoner without a warrant is of the belief that the case may be one for the federal authorities to handle. He is sure of one thing though, and that is that the man will be held prisoner either here or at the county jail at Jacksonville until the matter of jurisdiction is threshed out. He will probably remove the prisoner to the county jail tomorrow.

The capture of the man was broght about through C. Eberlie of the forest service passing him on the Billings hill near Ashland late Tuesday, and recognizing him from the description which was published in the Mail Tribune. Mr. Eberle telephoned the tip to Sheriff Jennings last evening. The latter went at once to Ashland, where he remained all night and early today took up the search. When he reached Steinman in the Siskiyous he soon got trace of his quarry and in a short time located him in the section house eating breakfast.