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Mail Tribune 100

June 1, 1917


This evening Frank Jones, the man who knocked Private Adam Garren of I Company from the railroad bridge at Graves creek last week, will be taken from the city prison and turned over to Captain Todd of I Company, who will send him to Grants Pass under military guard, where in turn he will be given into the custody of the sheriff of Josephine county and locked up on the charge of assault with the intent to kill.

This course of procedure was recommended by Colonel J. L. May of the Third Oregon infantry, in a telegram which Captain Todd received this morning. The colonel further recommended that Captain Todd, who had written him asking for advice as to course of procedure in the case, consult with the prosecuting attorney of Josephine county as to the charge and evidence against the prisoner.

Further mystery is added to the case by the fact that Sheriff Jennings, who captured the much-wanted man at Steinman station in the Siskiyous has been unable to locate the roll of blankets Jones was known to have carried just before reaching Steinman.

The prisoner refuses to tell where he concealed his blankets and Sheriff Jennings, who has failed to find them after a diligent search, believes that in the blanket roll are things, which the man wants to conceal from the authorities.

The prisoner last night finally consented to give his name and tell something about himself, althogh not much credence is placed in his story.

He described himself as Frank Jones, 28 years old, of Omaha, Neb., where his father is in the shot and harness business at 411 Thomas street. He says further that he left Omaha last May and has been tramping ever since looking for work. This morning he changed his story and said that he left Omaha about six months ago.