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Mail Tribune 100

June 2, 1917

Editor’s note: There was no June 3, 1917, paper.


At a special meeting of the city council last night, the first step toward adjusting city finances to conform with the Hansen plan was made by the first reading of an ordinance which consolidates the lien docket combining all assessments under one head as a basis for new bonds and new collections and creating one consolidated improvement district out of the former 288 districts.

A date will be set in this ordnance before its final passage for giving notice on the new order allowing a period of fifteen days during which all property owners may pay any part or all of their paving assessments. What is unpaid will constitute a basis for the refunding bonds and new liens on property. The property owners under the Hansen plan will have three years in which only interest need be paid and ten years for the paying of the principal.

In addition to the first reading of the above ordnance, a second ordinance ratifying and confirming certain changes in the lien docket was read and discussion continued late in the evening regarding the suit against the Hansen plan which will be heard before Circuit Judge Calkins.


That the O. & C. grant lands in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and southern Douglas counties will be ready for entry in 90 days was the statement made this morning buy Gus Lovegren, chief cruiser for the land grant classifiers who have been put in charge of classifying all this land which has recently reverted to the government. Whether or not the commissioner will open them for entry is another matter, although it is believed by some that he will do so. It may be possible, however, that he will not decide to take this action until later.

At the present time there are a large number of cruisers working in this county. Six are stationed at the West Fork, two at Glendale, four at Millwood, six at Peel, while in the northern part of the state, Columbia county, there are six or seven more, this number completing the field force now in service.