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Mail Tribune 100

June 4, 1917


Tomorrow is war census day when every male resident of the United States who has passed his 21st birthday and has not passed his 31st birthday must register at his regular voting precinct. The voting booths will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. No man within the prescribed ages is exempted from registering, no matter how just his claim may be for exemption from the military service.

The advice of Sheriff Ralph Jennings to young men of Jackson county is not to try and evade registration. The risk is too great. Evasions are sure to be found out. Besides the disgrace of being branded as a slacker there is a penalty of a term in jail without the option of paying a fine.

Sheriff Jennings, however, is of the opinion that few young men of this county, if any, will try to evade registration. He has heard of no opposition to war census registration beyond idle rumors that several men in the Lake Creek district and several others at Central Point and the Trail district have said they would not register. Already they are under surveillance.

Registration and selective conscription, which will be the next step, are entirely different things. All male residents of the designated age, whether citizens or aliens, must be registered. The process of selective conscription will be based on information obtained from the registration cards.

The only men of military age who are not required to register are those already in the military service of the United States — that is, who are regularly enlisted in the regular army, navy, marine corps, national guard and reserves thereof. Every other man between 21 and 30 years of age, inclusive, must register. There are no exceptions.

The war department will not leave very much of a chance in determining if any men of the designated age have not registered. Already the machinery for an elaborate checking up of the registration lists after war census day has been prepared. Men not registered who are suspected of having evaded registration will have to prove that they have not attained their 21st birthday, or that they have passed their 31st birthday.