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Mail Tribune 100

June 6, 1917


With the water in Fish Lake lowered to the 12-foot level from the 22-foot level and the leak declared stopped, all danger from flood from the dam's giving way, has been averted. The water will be held at the present level pending repairs above. As soon as the flood subsides, the debris will be cleared away from the site of the city intake and a new diverting dam built to replace the wrecked structure.

Meanwhile the city is taking water from Hanley irrigation ditch supplied from Wasson canyon and a sufficient quantity is thereby secured for all use except irrigation. In a few days the normal supply will again be available.

When the big break in the immense Fish Lake dam on the Rogue River Canal company came Monday night, the huge volume of released water rushed into Little Butte creek, flooding that stream to the top of its banks for miles, and in some places over them, turning it into a dangerous racing torrent of flood waters carrying debris clear from the dam 42 miles from the city, near Mt. Pitt, all the way to where the usually well-behaved stream empties into the Rogue river, between Eagle Point and the Bybee bridge.

The dam contained 500 acres of water 22 feet deep, the break measured from 75 to 100 feet wide and about 15 feet deep.


  • If the city water continues to be rolly or muddy, the next day or two will find a famine in mineral waters and soda waters. At several fountains yesterday the stock of mineral waters was entirely sold out and no more can be obtained for a day or two. However there will be plenty of that good old American standby, pop of all flavors, as the chief bottling concern of the city uses well water in making this concoction.
  • The suit of Justin Judy against George Barron for damages claimed to have been caused last summer by Barron's automobile colliding with his buggy, is on trial today in circuit court at Jacksonville.