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Mail Tribune 100

June 8, 1917


The circuit court jury in the suit for damages brought by Justin Judy against George Barron, brought in a verdict this forenoon of $1,786 against Barron, who had been suited for $1,000. The case grew out of a collision last summer on the Pacific highway when Barron's automobile was alleged to have run into Judy's buggy.

The suit attracted much attention because of the prominence of the men concerned. The jury visited the scene of the accident.


The city's water famine is over and all day long Friday the normal supply was flowing from Little Butte creek into the hastily repaired intake and from the reservoir into the city pipes.

By order of Mayor Gates the ban on irrigation was lifted early this forenoon. The word flew around the city rapidly and the water consumers lost no time in getting hose at work on gardens and lawns.

It is claimed by the city authorities that the water will be clear by tonight or at the very latest tomorrow morning. It seemed to be clearing up during the day.

At 6 o'clock this morning City Water Superintendent Arnspiger telephoned from the intake that repairs had been made there during the night as soon as he had received word from Fish Lake dam that the canal company had completed its temporary repairs on the break there, that the city reservoir was filled and that the city's normal supply was flowing into the intake.

About the same hour people began calling Mayor Gates over the telephone asking if they could irrigate. And this kept up most of the day.

Arnspiger reported to the mayor that when the creek water had lowered sufficiently last night to enable the repair work to be started at the intake the workmen soon found that a large log had been jammed by the flood last Monday night into the big intake pipe partially stopping it up. The workmen cleared away part of the wreckage at the intake and built a temporary dam there.