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Mail Tribune 100

June 9, 1917


If the people of Medford, Ashland and the rest of the county could only realize the gravity of the war situation, that the government is preparing for a long way, and that within a short time United States troops will be fighting and being killed and wounded just as the British and French are today, Jackson county's allotment of $15,000 to be raised towards the $100,000,000 Red Cross war fund of the United States will be subscribed quickly. This fund is asked for by President Wilson.

A vigorous campaign will be started in Medford, Ashland and all parts of the county next week, beginning Monday night, to raise $10,000 allotted to Medford and the county north of Phoenix, and the $5,000 allotted for Ashland and the rest of the county.

Every man and woman in the county will be asked to contribute. In fact every man and woman in the United States will be urged to contribute to this great fund for humanity.

Plans for the Jackson county campaign were set on foot immediately following the return of Lincoln McCormack from the great Red Cross conference held at Portland this week, which he attended as delegate from the Medford chapter of the Red Cross.

Mr. McCormack brought back with him startling information as to the gravity of the war situation and of the government's apprehension gained from the pleas of the national Red Cross representatives who had come direct from Washington, where they had been in conference with the administration and army leaders, to the conference. He also set forth the purpose of the Red Cross, and the need for raising the huge fund of $100,000,000.

"This great special Red Cross war fund differs greatly from the ordinary Red Cross fund which is constantly on hand and made up from subscriptions from Red Cross members and is sufficient only for ordinary relief work in times of peace," said Mr. McCormack today.