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Mail Tribune 100

June 15, 1917


At 12 o'clock noon Friday, the hour when the opportunity to purchase liberty loan bonds ended, Jackson county had subscribed for $248,050 worth of these "silver bullets."

The four Medford banks reported at noon Friday that a grand total of $131,400 had been subscribed through these four institutions.

The Southern Pacific railroad subscribed for $10,000 worth of the bonds in Medford, divided in $2,500 lots among the four banks.

Ashland subscribed for $96,550 worth more than $11,000 over its allotment of $85,000.

Nine subscribers at Jacksonville bought $10,000 worth from the Bank of Jacksonville. The nine were: J. W. Bybee, D. W. Bagshaw, Jr., Emil Britt, W. G. Caudil, Mrs. Charles Conner, J. Gardner, Lewis Ulrich, John M. Williams, Miss Lulu Williams.

The First State Bank of Central Point reported sales of $6,000 absorbed by twenty subscribers. Nine persons in Eagle Point purchased $500 worth of bonds.

Gold Hill's total of $2,000 included an $800 allotment by the Southern Pacific and 8 subscribers.

Four subscribers at Talent took $200 in bonds, 4 at Rogue River $600 bonds, 4 at Butte Falls $800.


  • The youthful purchases of liberty bonds in Medford Friday were Evely Schwartz, eight months old, and Saul Gornstein, five years old. The Schwartz baby is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schwartz, and Master Gornstein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gornstein.
  • Among Central Point's heavy subscribers to the liberty bonds was Miss Helen Bowers nine years of age, who purchased a $500 bond Friday morning.