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Mail Tribune 100

June 26, 1917


Frank Kendall of Thompson creek is getting along nicely in the Sacred Heart hospital and there is now hope that he may recover the use of his right hand which he nearly severed with an ax last week while fighting bumble bees.

With several other men Kendall was at work cutting out a new forest trail near the Wagner creek trail in the Applegate district when while slashing thru some brush he stirred up a nest of bumble bees. The bees attacked him and he fought them with his right hand while he held his double bladed ax in his left hand and accidentally brought his right wrist down on the blade. The blade cut half thru the wrist, cutting thru the nerves and large artery and even penetrating the bone.

His companions managed to stop the flow of blood and temporarily cared for the wound until a horse could be brought from three miles away. Then Kendall was taken to Thompson creek and from there was brought to Dr. S. A. Lockwood's office in Medford. The same night he was removed to the hospital.


When 12-year old William Brown, of 605 South Newton street, wants a policeman he wants a policeman, and that is all there is to it — even though he excites the whole city and calls out the fire department.

Downtown this forenoon William lent his bicycle to little Sonny Austin, a colored boy, just for a ride around the block. An hour or so later when Sonny failed to come back with the bicycle the peeved William decided it was time to notify the police, and have the strong arm of the law chastise Sonny.

Not finding a policeman at headquarters, William stepped over to the fire and police box in front of the Commercial club building, opened the door, and intentionally pulled down the fire alarm hook.

The fire department turned out in a hurry, the siren whistle blew and everybody in town asked each other, "Where is the fire?" When William, who is a brother of Sid and Cecil Brown realized the awful break he had made, he lost all interest in his bicycle and departed hurriedly for more seclusion quarters at his home.