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Mail Tribune 100

July 3, 1917


Not much surprise was created in this vicinity when the federal grand jury in Portland, in its report made Saturday, returned an indictment against William E. Collins and Sam Slide for burglarizing the Phoenix postoffice. Another indictment returned against the two men was for the attempted burglary of the postoffice in Riddle. Slide was indicted under the name Sam Rubber.

Last week all the Phoenix and Medford witnesses who testified against Collins and Slide at their preliminary hearing in this city and who were summoned to testify against them at their trial in circuit court, gave their testimony again before the grand jury in Portland.

It will be remembered that at their trial in Jacksonville Collins and Rubber, alias Slide, were given their freedom on motion of their attorney, E. E. Kelly, when he called attention to a technical fault in the indictment. The erstwhile prisoners lost no time in heading northward. It is claimed that they burglarized a store in Glendale and committed other burglaries before they were captured in Riddle.

The circumstantial evidence against the two men in connection with the Phoenix burglary is much stronger now than before, as on the third man connected with them in the Riddle attempted burglary was found several of the gold nuggets which were stolen from the safe of the Phoenix Mercantile company.

Several months ago Collins and Slide and two other burglars were released from the San Quentin, California, penitentiary. Prior to their incarceration at San Quentin, Collins served a term in the Walla Walla, Washington, penitentiary.

Collins and Slide are suspected of numerous postoffice burglaries in the Pacific Coast country, and the postoffice authorities are bending every effort to fasten on them as much as possible so as to keep them in imprisonment for years to come.