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Mail Tribune 100

July 6, 1917


A subscriber sends in the following clipping from an Ohio paper:

The latest and most diabolical plot to destroy human lives was shown up last week when a traveling fakir peddling an innocent looking court plaster was arrested over at Henderson. When searched at the police station over $1000.00 in currency was found on his person and this made the officers more suspicious than at first, and it was decided to fully investigate, and a sample of his "court plaster" was sent to a chemist at Council Bluffs, and when analyzed was found to contain large quantities of leprosy germs, the most malignant and incurable disease in the world. The aforesaid peddler was a German and hardly able to speak the English language, and appeared indifferent as to the consequences when found out. Just what will be done with him is not yet made public, but hanging or even burning at the stake is too good for a dirty skunk that would seek to spread that greatest of all pestilences throughout the land. This should be another warning to all people to beware of peddlers for you never can tell what you are liable to be up against.


The United States navy has established an office for Southern Oregon in the First National Bank building. It will be more an office for disturbing information concerning the navy than a recruiting office.

Dr. E. K. Scott, assistant surgeon in the navy, and who has charge of navy publicity in the Oregon navy recruiting district, and J. M. Donnell, chief electrician in the navy service, arrived in the city late yesterday from Portland to establish the local office. Chief Electrician Donnell will have active charge of the office.

"Our purpose in establishing this office," said Dr. Scott this noon, "is to enable the people of this part of the state to get into closer touch with the navy. Any one wanting any information about the navy, the home men enlisted, etc., will be welcomed at the Medford office."