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Mail Tribune 100

July 7, 1917, continued

Editor's note: There was no July 8, 1917, paper.


E. L. Parrot , a local capitalist, wrecked his 7-passenger car this side of Canyonville at 3 a. m. yesterday, seriously injuring at least three and bruising three others and himself. The car struck a slight ditch at a high rate of speed and turned completely over. The party was returning from the Ashland roundup.

The seriously injured are: W. J. Weaver, proprietor of the Hotel Umpqua, Roseburg, ribs broken, leg possibly fractured; Bertha Althaus of Roseburg, leg broken, shoulder either broken or dislocated; Lois Allen of Roseburg, badly torn and internal injuries; E. L. Parrot, owner and driver, badly bruised. The other occupants were "Pat" Burke, traveler for the Standard Oil company with headquarters in Portland; Floyd Miller, a stockman of Dillard, and John Burt, a traveling man, all bruised and cut. The injured are all in the Roseburg hospital.


E. H. Fish, until recently manger of Brown's confectionery, soda fountain and dance establishment was arrested this morning on a warrant sworn out by Edwin J. White of the White Velvet Ice Cream company, charging him with uttering a fraudulent check. In Justice of the Peace Taylor's court Mr. Fish was arraigned and his hearing was set for 10 a. m. Monday.

The affidavit for arrest charges that Mr. Fish on June 22 last with intent to defraud gave a check for $11.34 on the Medford National bank "knowing that he had not sufficient funds in the bank, or credit with the bank, for payment of the check."


  • Mayor C. E. Gates received a letter from his mother-in-law, Mrs. Margaret Fernsley of Freemont, Neb., who is well known in Medford, stating that recently she was passing a store in Freemont and saw cherries on display in the front marked "Rogue River Cherries." She inquired the price and was astounded to learn that it was three cherries for five cents.