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Mail Tribune 100

July 9, 1917


Lester Decker, 22 years old, and Floyd Dickey, 19, members of prominent Ashland families, at their hearing in Ashland Saturday were held to the grand jury on bonds of $500 each, Decker on the charge of criminal assault on the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Riley of Eagle Point and Dickey on the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

These two arrests and the coming arrest of another young man and woman are the result of an escapade and joyride during the Ashland Roundup July 4 and 5. The authorities are searching for another young girl of minor age, Miss Stump of Phoenix, and her male companion whose identity is withheld. They disappeared on July 5 and so far no trace of them has been gained.

Another young man, said to be from Dunsmuir, and a young woman who is over 21 years old and who works in a hotel in Dunsmuir, were also members of the joyriding party, and were taken into custody, but were released on recommendation of County Prosecutor Roberts.

The three couples went on the evening of July 4th in Dickey's car to Hornbrook or Yreka, and later came back and spent the night on the California side of the mountain. Early in the morning of July 5 they returned to Ashland. It is claimed the party drank liquor in the California town and brought some back with them but got rid of it before crossing the California line.

Miss Riley made no accusation against Decker and testified that she joined the party of her own volition. Dickey, who formerly operated a jitney in Ashland for several years, according to County Prosecutor Roberts, is most to blame of any of the party as he made all arrangements for it.


In Justice of the Peace Taylor's court this forenoon two cases against E. H. Fish, until recently manager of Brown's confectionery, each charging him with uttering a fraudulent check, were dismissed after trial, Justice Taylor holding that the evidence and facts in the case failed to show intent to defraud.