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Mail Tribune 100

July 12, 1917


The Crater Lake season will normally open on July 15, next Sunday, when the daily auto stage service will be started. This announcement was made last night by Alfred L. Parkhurst, president and general manager of the Crater Lake company.

"While there is considerable snow yet in places, some drifts ten feet deep, we will have the snow all shoveled out of the way by the fifteenth and the roads will be in fairly good condition, though wet in places," said Mr. Parkhurst last night on his arrival from the park in the city.

For the first time two new national park sight seeing auto stages will be used on the Crater lake route. One of these seats 21 passengers and the other 12.

Mr. Parkhurst will call upon County Judge TouVelle in the next few days to endeavor to enlist the court's support in bettering the road to the lake and in keeping it in good condition. Mr. Parkhurst says that this is a matter of great importance to the business interests of Medford, for if the roads are not kept in good repair the inevitable result will be the loss of Crater lake tourist business through the Medford gateway.

"Something should be done soon with the section of the road which was cut through the pumice hill beyond Trail near the Mansfield ranch," says Mr. Parkhurst. "This section is even now in very bad shape, and if the weather continues dry and hot with the heavy tourst travel it will soon be cut to pieces. Then the disgusted tourists will pass the word around the country about the bad road in the Crater lake from this side.

"A little inexpensive work done now will save this situation. If the road is scraped and then kept sprinkled frequently it will remain in condition all summer and fall.

"This is a matter of dollars and cents to Medford's business community and I am not speaking from a selfish point of view, because anyone can see that for every dollar spent by a tourist up at Crater Lake, a dozen or more are spent in Medford and the valley."