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Mail Tribune 100

July 14, 1917


The Oregon Coast Artillery corps will be fully equipped on a war basis by the last of the present week, if expected supplies arrive, according to word reaching this city from the corps headquarters at Eugene. Captain Harris, quartermaster of the corps, has been busily engaged in shipping additional equipment to various companies which are not yet supplied on a war basis. The Company Seven equipment is expected in Medford daily.

The four new companies are fully equipped with the very latest type of equipment, while the eight old companies are just receiving new equipment.

The equipment of the corps will include sixteen mess outfits. There is one outfit for each company, one for the enlisted men attached to headquarters, including enlisted specialists, one for the band, one for the hospital corps, and one for the officers. Company officers as a rule now eat from the same kitchen as their men, but at a different table.

All water will be sterilized before being used for drinking purposes when on the march and large canvas bags with automatically closing drinking spigots will be used. They are like enlarged waterbags used by automobilists and when hung from the ridge pole of the mess tent will keep the water cool and palatable.

Any soldier drinking water from any source not passed upon by the proper authorities will be subject to court-martial.

Another item of equipment which is attracting the attention of the officers and men is aluminum tent pins for the "pup tents," as the shelter tents carried on a march are called. There are nine pins to each two men, each man carrying half a tent. The substitution of aluminum for wood for these pins will not increase the load of each man, and they are practically indestructible.

When in heavy marching order the load to be carried by each man is approximately 60 pounds and includes arms, equipment and three days rations. This amount is carried only when it is expected that the men will be absent from the wagon trains for three days.