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Mail Tribune 100

July 17, 1917


Late Sunday night Mrs. Minning Kelley while on her way home was attacked on West Main street by an unknown scoundrel, whom the police have as yet failed to apprehend, who was frightened away by her screams. It was one of the boldest attempted crimes in the city's history.

Mrs. Kelley, who is employed at the cigar stand of the Medford hotel, went off duty at 11 p. m. and started for her room at the home of Mrs. Thomas, 718 West Main street. She stopped in at Devoe's confectionery a moment. William H. McGowan happened to be in the place at the time and walked with Mrs. Kelley as far as Mistletoe avenue, where he turned off to go to his home at No. 15 Mistletoe avenue.

Mrs. Kelley was walking on the north side of West Main street, which between Mistletoe and Orange avenue, is quite dark, as trees overhand the sidewalk.

She saw a man coming down Main street toward her but thought nothing of it, until just as they were passing about half way between Mistletoe and Orange, the man, who was roughly dressed, suddenly seized her by the shoulders and threw her to the lawn beside the walk. The frightened woman screamed and an automobile that was just passing by stopped and the assailant fled in the darkness thru a vacant lot.

Mrs. Kelley's screams also aroused the neighborhood and quite a crowd gathered. The police were telephoned to and Night Policeman Timothy hurried to the scene in a taxi and scoured the neighborhood but could find no trace of the man.


  • George L. Hennessy, aged 32, and Weber C. Walker, aged 28, Ashland electricians, have enlisted in the signal corps of the army at the Medford recruiting office and have gone to Portland to take the physical examination.