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Mail Tribune 100

July 19, 1917


John R. Allen was arrested by Chief of Police Hittson Wednesday on a charge of permitting water to run thru an open hose at his home on Rose avenue. The warrant for arrest was sworn out by City Attorney F. W. Mears at the direction of City Water Superintendent Arnspiger.

Before Police Judge Taylor, Allen pleaded not guilty and his hearing was set for 4 p. m. yesterday, but at that hour Judge Taylor continued the hearing, because of the absence from the city of E. A. Reames, attorney for Allen, until 10 a. m. next Wednesday.

The violation of the ordinance was first reported several days ago and Mr. Allen was notified by the police to appear before Judge Taylor to answer to the charge. This he refused to do, basing his refusal on the ground that he had only done "what everyone else is doing." The warrant was then sworn out and served.

Superintendent Arnspiger asks the water-using public to avoid all appearance of using open hose.

Many people, Arnspiger says, have the habit of taking short pieces of hose and sliding them over the nozzle of the hose they are using to irrigate, so as to prevent the water from cutting into the ground. Their neighbors and passersby on seeing the water running out of the hose pieces over the nozzle of course think that they are running water thru open hose in violation of the city ordinance.

"I was fooled myself several days ago in passing by a yard by just such a contrivance," said Mr. Arnspiger. "And Mr. Allen has no doubt seen a number of such contrivances and that's what influenced him probably to say that he is only doing what everybody else is doing.

"The water-using pubic should avoid even the appearance of violating the ordinance in this regard. If they want to prevent the water from the hose nozzle cutting into the ground they should place the nozzle in a gunny sack."