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Mail Tribune 100

July 21, 1917


Coroner Perl will probably conduct a jury inquest into the accident on the Bullis logging railroad in Jackson creek canyon Friday afternoon which resulted in the death of Denver Marsh, the engineer of the train, and the injury of Charles Schumpf, the temporary fireman. He will hold a conference with County Prosecutor Roberts some time today before fully deciding on the matter.

The accident occurred about 3 p. m. when the logging train, while going down the steep grade, got beyond control for some reason as yet unknown, but thought to be because the air brakes failed to work, left the tracks on a bridge and plunged into an embankment. The engine was overturned and buried Engineer Marsh beneath it.

Marsh had jumped when the engine left the track, but too late. He could have saved his life by jumping sooner, but remained pluckily at his post in an endeavor to regain control of the train.

Schumpf's life was saved by the prompt action of Marsh, who when he realized the train was beyond control, shoved or kicked him out of the engine cab. Schumpf alighted on a bank of soft dirt. Nevertheless he sustained a broken leg and minor injuries. Fireman Dailey was not on the engine, but was helping load cars, Schumpf having taken his place while he was engaged in this work.

Marsh sustained awful injuries when the engine fell on him, his legs and body being crushed, and various parts of his body being burned and torn. He never regained consciousness from the time of the accident until his death at the hospital at 6 p.m.

The injured men were hurried to the Sacred Heart hospital as soon as possible after the accident. Everything possible was done to save Marsh's life, but without avail.