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Mail Tribune 100

July 27, 1917


Jess Alden and Joe Perkins, the later a colored boy, were arrested in Ashland yesterday for bootlegging, tried, fined and put in jail, the entire performance consuming slightly over six hours. Justice J. B. Wymer of Ashland showed no leniency to the men because they pleaded guilty, fining them $300 each and putting them in jail for 90 days.

Apparently thinking they would get a light sentence, both men pleaded guilty; the authorities also imagine they were anxious to avoid further investigation in the case, as a more serious charge of selling liquor to a United States soldier might be unearthed.


Sam Slide and W. E. Collins, the Phoenix postiffice burglars, were found guilty of this burglary and of an attempted burglary of the postoffice at Riddle, Ore., at their trial in United States court in Portland this week. The news was brought back to this city by the Medfdord witnesses who testified in the trial of the Phoenix case.

Collins and Slide, it will be remembered, were arrested here shortly after the Phoenix burglary and were later indicted by the grand jury. At their trial in criminal court, however, the case against them was dismissed because of a technical flaw in the indictment. The criminals hurriedly left the city and the next heard from them was their arrest in Riddle for attempting to break into the postoffice in that city.

In federal court it was brought out that Collins had served terms for burglary in the Colorado, San Quentin and Walla Walla penitentiaries, and Slide, terms in the Walla Wall and San Quentin penitentiaries.


  • Judge E. E. Kelly leaves Saturday for Seattle where he will appear before the recruiting officers for physical examination for commission in the signal corps of the army, in which branch he served as lieutenant in the Spanish-American war.