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Mail Tribune 100

July 28, 1917, continued

Editor's note: There was no July 29, 1917, paper.


The Seventh company will leave Medford tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock on a special military train for Fort Columbia, Wash., where it will be mustered into the federal service. These orders, received this noon by Captain A. J. Vance, was welome news to the soldiers and their relatives and friends, as it ended all anxiety and guesswork as to the exact time of departure.

All Medford and vicinity is expected to turn out at the Southern Pacific depot Sunday morning to bid the soldiers Godspeed and give them a fitting farewell demonstration. While no formal program has been preapred, the farewell reception is expected to be a great one, and one calculated to warm the hearts of the soldiers.

The special military train will leave Ashland at 8:20 a. m. and will take on board there the Ashland company of the artillery corps. The Seventh company will march to the depot here about 8:30 o'clock in order to give plenty of time for farewell visits between the soldiers and their relatives and friends.

Early this forenoon the Seventh company had all its state and federal equipment either stored or shipped in accordance with instructions and was ready to entrain on an hour's notice. The orders to depart at 9 a. m. Sunday were received by Captain Vance from Colonel W. E. Ellis, in charge of the coast defense of the Columbia river.

Some of the members of the company got their first taste of discipline in the federal service this morning. Five who were absent from the morning roll call today were assigned to kitchen police duty for one week. Another soldier was ordered to kitchen police duty for three days for talking in the ranks. A corporal who lives out of town was reduced to the ranks for being mixed up in a disturbance Friday evening. Private Leland B. Noe was promoted to the vacant corporalship.