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Mail Tribune 100

August 16, 1917


A fire which destroyed the garage and woodshed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Newbury, No. 32 Mistletoe street, and communicated to the rear part of the house, awakened this entire city at 3:30 o'clcok this morning and created much excitement in the immediate neighborhood of the Newbury home.

Although Mr. Newbury's loss is estimated at about $1,300, including the destruction of his Chalmers car, valued at $1,000, he regards himself as fortunate that the house was not destroyed, as the outside boards of the rear part were burning when the firemen arrived. The firemen at once put out this aprt of the fire. Mr. Newbury had no insurance on the buildings or auto.

The rear part of the dwelling of Jess Honck on South Newtown street, immediately in the rear of the Newbury dwelling, was scorched by the flames of the burning garage and woodshed, but did not catch fire.

The fire was discovered just in time to prevent the destruction of the entire neighborhood. When discovered, the garage and woodshed were all in flames, the glare of which illuminated all the west part of the city. All the destruction was done before the arrival of the firemen.

Explosions of the atuo tires and a small quantity of gasoline and burning electric light wires added excitement to the occasion.

The fire, it is conjectured, arose from a small spark from burning grass the evening before alighting in the woodshed and smoldering among the dry wood dust there for hours before it broke into a blaze. Messrs. Newbury and Honck burned the grass in the alley and yard adjoining the buildings early Wednesday evening. Then with a hose they wet down thoroughly the places where the grass had been burned off and went away.

Mr. Honck returned home at 9:30, and to make sure that everything was all right, again wet down the burned off grass spaces. Mr. Newbury returned home about 11:15 p. m. and he, too, looked all around and saw no vestige of a fire or spark in either the woodshed or the garage.