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Mail Tribune 100

August 20, 1917


There will probably be no more Sunday baseball games between the squads of C company, as Captain Crossley is personally opposed to the soldiers playing Sunday baseball, and will try to arrange it so that the boys can play games on Saturday afternoons hereafter.

"Altho the chaplain of our regiment favors Sunday ball games for the soldiers, I don't just exactly approve of it," said Captain Crossley today. "The chaplain's reasons that it is really better for the boys to be all together at a baseball game than scattered around everywhere over the city and vicinity. He may be right, too. The boys work hard all week and have nothing to do on Sunday, you know. however, I think I will be able to arrange it so that they can have Saturday afternoon for baseball."

The game between the Siskiyou Mountaineers and Leland-Wolf Creek divisions of the company Sunday afternoon at the ball grounds was witnessed by all the soldiers in camp and a small crowd of citizens. The Mountaineers won by the score of 14 to 7.

C company, under command of Lieutenant Alexander, marched to Jacksonville and back this forenoon. The last mile each way was devoted to a skirmish run.


"He is a game little rat," said Captain James Crossley of C company, today, in speaking of Private Burk Markell, who was so badly injured when struck by a train coming out of a tunnel he was guarding between Glendale and Wolf Creek last Thursday night.

The condition of Kewpie, as Markell is affectionately known in the company, because of his being its smallest member, was reported as much improved today. However, the surgeons at Glendale hospital had to remove more flesh from his foot. Most of the flesh was torn off at the time of the accident.