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Mail Tribune 100

August 25, 1917


L. C. Coleman, an old-timer and heavy property owner in the valley has been spending the week here looking after his interests and boosting the cause of irrigation. His wife, daughter and grandson, Bryon Coleman, accompanied him. They will return to San Francisco Sunday.

"I am satisfied that the future prosperity and growth of the valley depends upon irrigation," said Mr. Coleman. "Without water, the valley will go backwards. With water it will steadily go forwards. Irrigation is necessary if the valley is ever going to amount to anything.

"I have been a resident of the valley since 1878 and for many years engaged in business here. I think any old-timer will admit that my word is as good as my bond. I am not a seeker after publicity or office and have only the welfare of the valley at heart.

"I find that many farmers are afraid that if district bonds are voted the money will be squandered, but the fact that the expenditures are under state supervision and construction is by the state engineers, and the funds will be administered by local men of unimpeachable integrity, should be a guarantee that the district will be well managed. I am willing to trust my interests in their hands.

"I am the owner of 847 acres of land and am as heavily interested as any man in the progress of the country. I regard irrigation as the solution, and if there is anything I can do to help secure it, the public is welcome to my services.


Thru the secretary of the C Company auxiliary, Lenore Brewster, a letter of thanks has been received by Mayor C. E. Gates for the courtesy and kindness he has shown the soldiers of the company during that command's stay in the city.

Forty-one recruits of the army aviation service passed thru the city today en route from Vancouver barracks to Fort Sam Houston, Tex.