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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 30, 1917


The most important bootlegging arrests of the summer were made by three special liquor officers of the county on the Pacific Highway up in the Siskious late Wednesday night. In the car of Rankin Estes, well known Medford man and proprietor of the Oaks pool and card hall on Front street, was found 14 cases of whisky, and in another car driven by a Portland man who refuses to give his name, was found 13½ cases of whisky. Altogether about 80 gallons of whisky.

The arrests were followed by a raid this morning on Estes' pool hall by Sheriff Jennings and deputies who arrested two men connected with the place and after a thorough search carried away as evidence a small quantity of liquor.

There is a mystery about the so-called Portland prisoner. He refuses to give his name or other information about himself. The car he was driving is a Chalmers Six, and bears the state license number 29118. The owner of this number is registered as Z. L. Dimmick of Grants Pass.

County Prosecutor Roberts and the officers are still investigating the alleged bootlegging operations this afternoon. Mr. Roberts says that other arrests will probably follow. It is claimed by the county authorities and police that Estes has been in the bootlegging business ever since the prohibition law went into effect, but that they were never able to find sufficient evidence heretofore to cause his arrest.

It is further claimed that Estes has made numerous bootlegging trips to Hornbrook, one of which was last Monday night.

The arrests of Estes and the Portland man were made about midnight last night by Special Officers John B. Wimer, W. J. Carpenter and R. C. Porter, all of Ashland, and who formerly constituted the police force of that city. Sheriff Jennings and Paul Anderson, his deputy, were also on the mountain, but were some distance away watching for another suspected case.