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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 5, 1917


The city council met in regular session Tuesday night, with Councilmen Davis, Hargrave, Keene and Carkin present, Mayor Gates presiding. Keene and Carkin were late, and as their presence was necessary to obtain a quorum, the proceedings did not begin until after 9 o'clock. Councilmen Emmens and Gaddis were absent, Gaddis being on a vacation.

The question of a municipal wood supply was not brought up, and another holdover matter, that of the city firemen's demand for an increase in wages from $70 to $80 per month, was, on suggestion of Mayor Gates, referred to the fire and finance committees, and it is expected these committees will make their respective reports at the next meeting of the council, the fire committee on the ability of the municipality to meet their demand.


City Attorney Mears was instructed by the city fathers to prepare an amendment to city ordinances that will confer on the city council authority to promptly revoke the license of any billiard or pool hall, or card room or jitney or jitneur that has been convicted of violation of the liquor laws. This prospective amendment was suggested by the fact that the city recently found itself without legal power to revoke the license of a billiard hall, the owner of which pleaded guilty to bootlegging, and the nullification of this licence had to be executed by the county attorney. As the ordinance now stands such a license may be voided only after conviction on a gambling charge.

The fire chief was instructed by the council to make a list of every "shack" and dilpidated building in the city, and to condemn and have destroyed those that are a fire menace, and to have declared a nuisance and razed those that are unsightly. These shells of structures, the lawgivers hold, are ugly, unwholesome and unsanitary, and have degenerated into temporary abodes for itinerants and the less fortunate members of society.