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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 6, 1917


With a face that once may have been kindly and brave distorted into interchanging mixtures of livid rage and cowering fear, a man registered at the Hotel Medford on Wednesday under the name of D. J. O'Donnell, with the postscript, "the man the Germans at the Bremerton navy yards tried to kill, but never will", added, aroused curiosity, excitement, mirth and pity during his stay here. He later was asked to leave the Hotel Medford, and it was reported Thursday he went north on train No. 16 Wednesday night.

O'Donnell was laboring under a delusion that disasters had befallen the entente allies. He asserted that he had heard from "hidden voices" that the Germans had broken through the French lines near Rheims, turned both flanks of the French army and were hurrying an army of a million men on to Paris; that Russia, Rumania, Serbia and Italy had made separate peace and that Japan had allied itself to the Teutonic powers, had taken Manila and Honolulu overnight, and were bombarding Crecent City with long-distance, heavy caliber naval guns. The British fleet had been destroyed, his frenzied imaging told him, and 2,000 German aircraft had burned Wollwich arsenal, bombed to death half a million British troops in training on Salisbury plain, and had destroyed also Leeds and Birmingham.

The man was very earnest, altho quiet and unobtrusive. He was well groomed and had money. Where he came from, where he went or where he belongs, is a mystery.


On Wednesday afternoon at the library a meeting was held with representatives from Ashland, Jacksonville, Talent and Medford, in the interest of co-operative extension work in home economies for the state of Oregon. This work is under the direction of Miss McCormick, who is in the employ of the government but under the direction of the Oregon Agricultural college.

Mrs. F. W. Mears, presided and after the election of Miss Julia Feilds as secreatary, Miss McCormick explained the puropse of the meeting and gave an outline of the work she has planned to do in Jackson and Josephine counties this coming year.