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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 8, 1917, Continued


Thomas Swem left Friday evening for American Lake to join the ambulance corps for training, in view of his expectation of receiving a commission in the Camouflage corps now being formed in the engineering department of the army.

Mr. Swem's great artistic talent and wide experience as a technical director of theatrical and moving picture production peculiarly fits him for the work of the Camouflage corps.

This work is one of the developments of the war and owes its inception to the volunteer services of the greatest French artists, who have devoted themselves since the early days of the world war to the task of blinding and deceiving the enemy's air scouts and observation officers by contriving artificial scenery to conceal gun positions and troop movements, etc. This work is of infinite variety and calls for a high order of artistic ability and imaginative genius.

Medford has enjoyed a very beautiful specimen of Mr. Swem's work in the stage setting and scenery of the charming one-act play preformed last Monday evening at the Page under his direction. The scenery was made by Mr. Swem in accordance with the most up-to-date conception of stage art, and would delight the most critical of eastern audiences. The exquisite setting used for Kathryn Swem's dance and all of the costumes for the dance and the play were designed by him.

Mr. Swem devoted himself to the task of this production without stint, giving all of his time and energy for the past two weeks to the work, and achieved finished results in spite of the lack of professional facilities.

Mr. Swem's interest in the work was quickened by his desire to render a service to the members of the Seventh company and to forward the project of procuring the moving picture camera for them which the Soldiers' Auxiliary has undertaken to procure at his suggestion, made some weeks ago.

The many friends whom Mr. Swem has made during his stay in Medford wish him all good fortune in the patriotic services which he is about to enter.