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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 10, 1917


Discord is raging among minor officials in charge of the road building and improvement work in the Siskiyou division of the Pacific highway, as a result of which Perl Davis, state supervising foreman of the division and several others have resigned their positions. State Highway Commissioner Nunn arrived in the city today and at once went to the Siskiyous to endeavor to adjust the trouble and restore harmony.

Mr. Davis, who has been the foreman ever since the highway work was begun, was in the city today and will remain here until he hears from Mr. Nunn. It is understood that there has been friction ever since the California contractor, who has the contract for grading the highway, began work and that Davis and others declare it is an impossibility to work in harmony or get along with the superintendent of the contractor.


The public schools of Medford will be heated with coal instead of wood this years and incidentally, the school boards has beaten the wood dealers' trust. The board also estimates that by using coal it will save at least one-third the usual annual heating expense.

W. E. Phipps as the special fuel subcommittee of the board, has ordered 150 tons of best grade Washington state soft coal, and it is understood that this coal will be laid down here and delivered at about $9 a ton. Board members claim that one ton of coal will go as far as two cords of high-grade fir wood. Mr. Phipps ordered the coal with the full approval of the board.

The best bid that the boards could get for 325 cords of wood was about $7 a cord. It is claimed by the board that the wood dealers did everything they could to prevent the board from getting any wood at a lower price; that the dealers even put in bids at low and reasonable prices and then after a time withdrew them in the hope that the board would have to pay the dealer's price rather than delay any longer. The board also says that the dealers would follow board members around the state and whenever the board had a wood deal pending at a reasonable price would overbid it.