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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 12, 1917


Members of 7th company request their Medford friends to send them no more phonographic records of Bryan or Taft speeches, or of speeches by any one, is the word brought back from Fort Columbia last night by Mayor Gates. Last Sunday night when the mayor and four others were guests of the company the soldiers by way of entertainment put on one of the many new records received from Medford. It proved to be a speech by Bryan and was quickly discarded and another new record put on. This too was a Bryan speech. It was then developed that of the new records received seven were Bryan speeches and one a speech by Taft. The boys will try and exchange them for music records. They want no more chin music. Mayor Gates reports that the boys are all well and that almost every soldier has gained from one to three pounds since arrival at Fort Columbia. He says that there was but one case of measles.


The school board devoted the most of its session last night to matters preparatory to the opening of the schools on October 1. It was voted to have the janitors of the school buildings begin their year's duties next Monday, and they will be instructed to have the buildings thoroughly renovated and cleaned by October 1.

The board, after hearing the detailed report of W. E. Phipps, its subcommittee in charge of procuring fuel for heating the buildings, unanimously approved his action in ordering 150 tons of Gales Creek coal from Washington, after he had investigated the wood situation and could not obtain fuel wood at a reasonable price. Several cars of this coal are already en route to Medford and it is confidently expected that all of it will have arrived and been stored in the school buildings long before October 1.