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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 18, 1917


Four young men who tried a new dodge last Friday night to evade officers in bringing over a quantity of liquor from Hornbrook came to grief in their attempt when they were apprehended and later were fined $50 and costs before Justice of the Peace Trefren.

Someone had advised them that the special liquor officers had no legal right to search the person of any one in looking for booze, so they placed several gallons of liquor in all in various small bottles about their persons, jumped into their car and started to Medford, confident of showing the officers a new wrinkle in law evading. They did.

When stopped in the Siskiyous by Special Liquor Agent R. C. Porter and his assistants J. B. Wimer and W. J. Carpenter, they tried to put up a big bluff and defied the officers to search them without warrants.

In anticipation of someone springing such a dodge on them some time the officers were prepared and Mr. Wimer, who is recorder of Ashland, pulled from his pocket blank search warrants and at once filled them out. Inasmuch as the Medford men refused to give their names, he had to fill in each warrant with the time honored John Doe name.

Then the men were searched, but not until one of them who had grown quite belligerent, was subdued by having handcuffs placed on his wrists.


Ashland and Roseburg will each feed 7300 troops on their way to American lake. Grants Pass will feed 1443 and Medford none. Why, no one knows, unless it was lack of prompt acceptance of the offer and too many questions by the committee in charge. The only reply to these queries was a change of schedule.

For five days the trains, each containing about 500 soldiers of the new national army, totaling 10,000 drafted men, will pass thru Medford. Three hundred will be fed each meal in Ashland at the Depot hotel and the other 200 at other restaurants.