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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 24, 1917


The heavy movement of drafted troops thru the city for American Lake, Washington, is practically at and end, and by tonight it is thought that the last of the special military trains will have passed. These many military trains have greatly disorganized the passenger and freight service of the Southern Pacific for several days. Nearly all passenger trains were greatly delayed Monday.

Several long trainloads of drafted men form California and Nevada passed thru the city today, and two of the trains made short stops at the depot. Every coach bearing the soldiers was chalked with humorous allusions of various kinds pertaining to the war and the kaiser.

The last coach of the train the passed thru at 8:25 a.m. today bore a large chalk likeness of Kaiser Wilhelm, and under it the caption, "This is the guy."

The trainload of soldiers had breakfast at Ashland. "Where did you have breakfast?" shouted a depot bystander to the soldiers. "At Ashland," was the reply, and then in a loud chorus many shouted, "and it was a d—n good breakfast too." Evidently other soldiers on the train were not so favorably impressed with Ashland, for, chalked on the sides of several of the cars was "One hour and a half at Ashland. Just and hour and thirty minutes too long."

Many of the cars bore near beer inscriptions and humorous allusions to Oregon's dry state. Most of the soldiers passing thru today were from San Francisco and the other bay cities. On the sides of several of the cars was chalked in large letters: "California—Give 'em Hell." Many Nevada soldiers also passed thru the city today.

Train after train passed thru the city Sunday bearing thousands of soldiers.


All last week not a single arrest was made for intoxication, disturbance, or theft, which is a record for fair week that will probably stand for many years to come.