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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 27, 1917


 The Roseburg News gives the following account of the auto accident that befell R. H. Boyle of this city Monday evening near Roseburg:

"Mr. Boyle had left the city early in the evening and was driving toward Dixonville, and at a point about a quarter of a mile this side of the Smick farm met another car occupied by Grant McLaughlin and Mace Tipton, who were en route to Roseburg from the fish hatchery on the North Umpqua. On seeing the approaching car, Mr. Boyle at once dimmed his lights, but being unfamiliar with the road at this particular point, and a new fill of loose dirt having just recently been made at the curve in the road, drove too close to the edge. His "dimmers" not lending sufficient light to see any distance ahead, his car lunged over the embankment, turned completely over and then righted itself. Had it not been for a number of small maple trees the machine would have continues its wild flight and landed in the creek, only a few feet distant from where it lodged.

"The occupants of the incoming car did not see the machine go over the embankment, but heard the crash of the windshield and at once alighted from their machine and returned to the scene of the accident. Here they found the injured man lying on the ground and in great pain. He had been thrown for the car on its first turn and probably received his injuries when the machine passed over his body."


Government Agent Strawbridge will be in Medford Monday to inspect horses for the war department. All persons having horses (geldings) weighing from 950 to 1,400 pounds in good condition, free from blemishes, no whites or greys, are asked to have their horses at Dr. Helm's stables by 10 o'clock Monday morning. Mules are also wanted. Horses will sell from $135.00 to $165.00, Mules $155.00. For particulars, see Claude C. Cate, county agricultural agent.

Many farmers have been selling their horses for $75.00 to $110.00 to horse speculators, who have been clearing from $50 to $75 a head by re-selling them to the government. Here is an opportunity to sell direct to Uncle Sam.