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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 28, 1917


The Ashland Record contains a "pipe dream" of an alleged meeting between the mayors of Medford and Ashland at the county fair on Ashland day — a meeting that never occurred, although there were almost a score of Ashland people attending the fair on Ashland day. The Record's tale is as follows:

"Of course Ashland did not furnish a brass band and march in with its head and tail up or otherwise conduct itself in a spectacular manner. This peeved the royal gyastricutus of the town and he proceeded to unravel a grouch in the presence of the mayor of Ashland. It is not necessary to repeat what the mayor of Ashland told the mayor of Medford, but as both are foreordained and predestined and come for a long strain of Scotch ancestry, the meeting can be imagined. They talked about entertainments, and the purveyor of perambulators got so infatuated with his county fair he thought it should have drawn Ashland like So Long Letty and should have been as well attended as the Roundup was by Medford. The mayor of Ashland protested that howling about attendance was a wasted of wind and should be conserved, and recommended that the father of the other town learn to "Hooverize" on bellyache; that it was his observation the people knew entertainments when they saw them. "

To this Mayor Gates has replied as follows: "I have just completed reading your article regarding a conversation supposed to have been held between your mayor and myself and in reply will state that evidently some one has had a pipe dream or an awful case of nightmare. I can truthfully say that I have not seen or talked to your mayor in several months, and furthermore I was not at the fair on Ashland day until 5 o'clock in the evening. There is one thing that I pride myself with not having, and that is a grouch, and I am willing to leave the decision as to whether of not I am subject to such moods, to a number of your citizens, whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends and believe that if you will consult them you will find that Ashland has not a better friend in the Rogue river valley that the present mayor of Medford."