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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 2, 1917


With the opening of the school year the domestic-science department of the Medford schools finds itself with a patriotic duty to perform. Plans are being laid for a course of study which will carry out both in theory and practice, the principles of the food administration in the conservation and intelligent use of food materials.

The first part of the term will be spent in the preservation of food for winter use by canning and drying. A practical dryer, easily made in any home, is to be constructed by the manual training department, and will be used throughout the term. Later a thorough study of food values and food chemistry will be carried on, for food cannot be wisely substituted or conserved without a knowledge of food principles. Marketing will also be included in the course.

The school cafeteria, which has been successfully conducted for the past two years, will be continued throughout the year. In this way it is possible for a student to obtain and entire lunch or a hot food with lunch brought from home. Authorities on the feeding of children agree that the health and mental powers are benefited by a hot soup or drink during the lunch time.

The department would be glad to use any food products which might be going to waste about the city. Anyone having such products may notify Mr. Hillis, superintendent of city schools, or Miss Mitchell, instructor in the department.

Visitors are always welcome to inspect the work done by the students or the plans for the year.


Monday the war library committee sent a check to Portland of $300.05 which represents the result of the week's campaign for the million dollar national fund to provide the various cantonments in the country with libraries. While this does not equal Medford's quota of $500 it is regarded as a credible showing and the total will be increased through the week. Yesterday $8.30 was received at the library, making a total of $308.53 and it is probable that twenty-five or thirty dollars more will be collected before the campaign is completed.