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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 3, 1917


Cheer up, Medford folks; for we are soon all going to be rolling in wealth, because of the fact that Mike Womack, the mine promoter, prospector and locator has turned philanthropist and is going to let everybody in the city in on a good thing.

Mike announced Wednesday that he recently discovered a wonderfully big silver deposit in the hills four miles from Jacksonville — ruby silver, at that. The ledge of silver is 300 feet wide, he says, and is ever so long. The deposit will cover ten claims in territory, Mike avers.

"I am having assays made of the silver I have taken out, and if these prove my judgment of the enormous deposit, I am going to give everybody in Medford a share in the claims," said big-hearted Mike. "Then we can get to work together and develop the property, and everybody will have money.

"Why should I let everyone in on this? Simply because I have so many other good things in the mineral line. Why should I hog it all when I can do something so handsome for Medford and its people? Well, so long."

Then Mike hopped onto a passenger train and started for Gold Hill to look after some manganese deposits he has located in that region.


Beyond passing the new ordinance regulating billiard and pool rooms and card rooms the city council session Tuesday night was colorless and only matters of routine were disposed of.

Informally the matter of Southern Pacific trains blocking the street crossings for long periods was discussed, but no action to remedy this situation was taken. However, it was generally understood that in the near future the council will pass a new ordinance to regulate the time that passenger and freight trains can blockade crossings.

The present ordinance was passed many years ago when the passenger depot stood on Haymarket square opposite the Nash hotel, and is a dead letter. The council will also take steps in the near future to erase other obsolete ordinances from the city records and replace them with up to date ordinances.