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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 4, 1917


In accordance with Oregon's school law, the fourth Friday in October, October 26, will be observed all over by all the public schools of the state as Frances E. Willard Day, when instruction and appropriate exercises will be given in commemoration of the life, history and achievements of Frances E. Willard.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Churchill has prepared a program for the day which will be forwarded to every school teacher in the state, the main features of which are:

Flag salute by the school; song, "America," by entire school; short talk by teacher or other, eulogy, recital by a pupil; "Life of Frances Willard," to be given by pupils above fifth grade, and "Effects of Alcohol and Narcotics on the Human System," scientific facts assigned to each pupil. Essays and responses by pupils on what prohibition promises for Oregon.


The first of the sixteen military trains that will pass through this city in the next few days en route bearing the third contingent of California's drafted men to the American Lake, Wash., cantonment, went through Medford at 5:30 o'clock this morning. The soldiers breakfasted at Ashland. Two more trains will go through this afternoon and will make short stops at Grants Pass, where luncheon will be served the soldiers.

John M. Scott, general passenger agent of the Southern Pacific, who was in the city a few minutes this morning while en route from San Francisco to Portland, said that during the moving of this contingent of 9,000 or more troops there would be far less disorganization of regular passenger and freight service than two weeks ago, and that the military trains will be handled more expeditiously.

"All around, we have profited by our experience in handling the first big military contingent, and we now have things so systematized that there will be little confusion or delay," said Mr. Scott. "Indeed, I don't expect to be on the job this time at all in looking after the handling of the trains."