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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 5, 1917


 A recent order of the post office department put into effect a radical change affecting the post offices of Jackson county and makes the Medford post office of far more importance and confers more authority and prestige on the Medford postmaster, although greatly increasing the latter's responsibilities and duties.

By this order, beginning with October 1 the Medford office became the central accounting and disbursing office for all the post offices of the county except Ashland. Heretofore these post offices received all their stamps and supplies direct from the post office department at Washington.

Now each one of these offices will make all its requisitions for stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards, etc., upon the Medford post office and will receive the supplies from this office, where an ample supply will always be kept on hand.

Each postmaster must make all his quarterly reports to Colonel Geo. P. Mims, the Medford postmaster, who will check them up and forward them to the post office department at Washington. Although this change puts more work and responsibility on Colonel Mims, his salary remains the same and the size of his bond is not increased.

The change was made in order to expedite the delivery of supplies to the postmasters of the smaller offices and to more systematize the keeping of the accounts of the various smaller offices with the post office department.

Heretofore much inconvenience was caused the smaller post offices because of the fact that all requisitions had to be made to Washington, and it took such a long time for the supplies to be expressed back.

The first postmaster to take advantage of the new ruling was the postmaster of Talent, who made a requisition this morning for much-needed supplies. He received them this afternoon.