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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 11, 1917


 Postmaster Mims has received instructions from the postmaster-general explaining the increased postage rates that will go into effect on November 2, as provided in the new war tax law.

Beginning on that date every sealed letter addressed to a place outside the city or off the rural routes of the Medford post office must have 3 cents postage on it; and all postal cards must have a 1 cent stamp attached, and all postcards must bear 2 cents in postage.

However, all sealed letters addressed to anyone in the city or the rural routes running out of the city will go for 2 cents postage, as now.

"On and after November 2 postage will be collected as follows," reads in part the official order to the postmasters. "A rate of 3 cents an ounce or fraction thereof on letters and other first-class mail matter, except drop letters. All drop letters — that is, letters mailed for delivery for the office at which posted, including those for delivery by city, rural or other carrier of such office, are required to have postage paid on them at the rate of 2 cents an ounce or fraction thereof.

"Postal cards are required to be prepaid 2 cents, and therefore the 1-cent postal cards must have a 1-cent stamp impressed on such cards.

"Post cards (private mailing cards) bearing written messages must have 2 cents postage prepaid on them."


The great forest fires in the Elk Creek country on the Umpqua divide are still raging, despite the efforts of the big force of government fire fighters to gain control. One of these fires has a frontage of a mile.

Forest supervisor Erickson telephoned to the city forestry office here this morning from the top of the divide, asking that more fire fighters be rushed to him as fast as they could be obtained, and also ordering that 200 pounds of dynamite be sent to him. Eight more men were sent to the Elk creek fires this morning, and other reinforcements will be sent as fast as they can be obtained.