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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 13, 1917


The teachers in the elementary schools and high schools of Medford, desiring to co-operate with the parents in getting the best results from the advantages offered in the public schools and to increase the efficiency of the teaching, are prompted to issue this open letter to parents and citizens of the City of Medford.

In general, it may be said that regular attendance, punctuality and obedience are absolutely essential to success in any system of schools. Medford is particularly fortunate in having very few homes in which children are detained from school for any causes but those most necessary.

Home study is very necessary. Every pupil in the high school has daily four or more lessons to prepare. One or two of theses can be prepared in school during vacant periods, thus leaving work to be done at home. The length of time to be spent on out-of-school study varies with different pupils and on different days. It is, therefore, difficult to lay down rules to govern home study, but in general it may be said that unless a pupil is doing considerable systematic study at home every day it is certain that he is not getting all his school work well done. If pupils report that they have no home study to do, parents should communicate at once with the superintendent or principal, so that matters may be righted and failure may be avoided.

It is usually well understood by parents that social distractions, especially on school day evenings, are nearly always fatal to successful school work. It is now the rule in nearly all families that pupils spend their evenings regularly in the home excepting on Friday and Saturday. Since school studies are sufficient to occupy all their time of pupils, except such as is taken for recreation or needed service at home, any special outside recreation or entertainments handicap the pupils in their lesson preparation.