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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 13, 1917 Continued


The valley will soon have a new fruit industrial concern which will afford a local market for an enormous quantity of cull apples, and besides will give employment to about fifty persons during the working season of several months.

E. M. McKeany, the well-known local fruit man, and W. G. Allen, a well-known fruit man of Salem, have formed a partnership and have leased the Central Point packing house for three years, which they will turn into a large apple drying concern. They will operate under the name Allen & McKeany, Apple company.

The new concern will begin operating within ten days, just as soon as the furnace, dryer and crates have been installed. Messrs. McKeany and Allen have already made arrangements with packing houses and orchardists of the valley to take from them 400 tons of cull apples this fall, which will be dried at the Central Point plant. They figure on the plant turning out a ton of dried apples daily, and are planning to operate the plant for two and a half months this fall.


C company, of the Third Oregon infantry, stationed on guard duty in Medford, and which will depart from the city at 8:20 a.m. Monday, has made a record among the military organizations of the northwest, through having subscribed last night and today $12,250 to the second liberty loan.

This big sum, subscribed by the patriotic officers and men of C company, was subscribed last night and today. A notable feature of the subscription was that last night inside of thirty minutes the members in the camp at the baseball grounds subscribed $7,650. The remainder of the subscription of $12,250 was taken up by members of the company on guard duty in the Siskiyous and at Wolfe Creek and Leland.