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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 15, 1917


Orders received Sunday by Captain James J. Crossley change the time of departure of C company for Clackamas from Monday morning, as first announced, to this evening. The company's three coaches and baggage car will be attached to one of the sections of passenger train 16, leaving the city at 6:25 p.m.

The entire company, 140 men, will march to the depot about 15 minutes before train time in order that the soldiers may have time to bid farewell to their many friends.

For the first time since the company came to Medford, several months ago, its entire membership, barring five, who are sick and on leave of absence, was assembled Sunday when the details which have been on duty in the Siskiyous and the Wolfe Creek-Leland district, were ordered off guard duty and returned to the camp in this city. There are 140 men in camp today. Heretofore about one-half the company was always out of the city on guard duty.

Monday was a busy day at the camp, as the work of tearing down and packing up, cleaning up of the grounds, and the checking up of all equipment and supplies was begun early and had to be completed long before train time.

It is anticipated that many friends of the soldiers will gather at the depot this evening to bid the company a last farewell.


On November 1, conformably to new federal tax schedules, 8 percent will be exacted as a war measure on railroad transportation where the fare exceeds 35 cents. For example, the fare from Ashland to Portland remains at $10.25, but the government steps in and says, "82 cents, please, in addition," so that the tariff to Portland will be $11.07. In going to San Francisco the regular rate of $12.20 prevails, plus 98 cents war tax; so dig up $13.18. Don't cuss the Southern Pacific for this raise and threaten to appeal to the state service commission, but remember that the 8 percent special war tax is to assist in democratizing the Teutons. The same rate of taxation will apply to Pullman transportation, and there are various other schedules too numerous to mention.