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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 19, 1917


A pleasing feature of the liberty bond drive will be the patriotic rally at the Presbyterian church next Sunday evening with a special patriotic music program and addresses by Mayor C. E. Gates and W. H. Gore.

A splendid program is being arranged by George Andrews. The musical entertainment will include some of the best talent of the valley. Miss Geraldine Theisn will sing, "Flag of My Heart" (Farrier), the new patriotic song, which is now so popular in the east. Mrs. Henry Provost of Ashland will sing "The Marseillaise" and "The Star-Spangled Banner," with tableau.

Mrs. Edna Isaacs will sing, "O, Dry Those Tears" (Del Rigo), with violin obligato. W. P. Brooks will sinfg "A-m-e-r-i-c-a," by B. J. McPhee. In addition, there will be many patriotic musical numbers with pipe organ and orchestral accompaniment.


A number of prominent citizens of Klamath Falls who were in attendance at the trial in circuit court before Judge Calkins of the suit brought by John Irwin, former prosecuting attorney of Klamath county, against that county, left for home yesterday and last night as the taking of testimony was finished.

The case has attracted much attention in the neighboring county. Irwin, while in the office of prosecutor, employed a gumshoe squad to ferret out bootleggers. The county court refused to pay the cost of this detective work and Irwin filed suit to compel the county to pay the bills, amounting to between $700 and $800. Judge Calkins' decision in the case is not expected for some time yet.


Long military trains are passing through the city today bearing 3,000 of the first contingent of California drafted troops who have been at the American Lake cantonment for the past month to San Francisco and San Diego where they will be used to fill up army divisions to their full quota. The men are all in uniform. Most of the trains consisted of 13 Pullman coaches and two baggage cars used as kitchens. The last military trains will probably pass through the city late tonight.